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The Idea for Mr Musichead

Spawned as part of a natural progression on my music biz journey which began in my hometown of Detroit.  Starting as record collector at age 4.  Guitarist at age 6.  Rock band member at 14.  Record store clerk, manager and then record store owner age 26.  Fanzine publisher, concert producer and nightclub owner age 36.

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The Ultimate Music Gift Shop

  Clients say that to us all the time.  From $1 to $100,000 we have something for someone who just needs a little something.  Or someone who needs that ultra-rare, definitive one-of-a-kind item.  We are the go-to place.  We not only represent some of the world's best music photographers, but also comb thru their archives

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We Were the First

First doesn't always mean best, but in this particular case, well, it does. Opened in June, 1998 we were the first gallery in the United States devoted exclusively to the art and images of music.  Many have come and gone.  Our commitment to selling authentic, original art and high quality prints coupled with outstanding custom

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