Robert Whitman Photographs Prince, 1977- February 20th Private Opening 7pm-10pm

Prince Whitman

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Installation will feature Revealing, Never Before Seen images of the Funky Pop Icon taken in his hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  On the Streets and in his manager’s home these portraits are probing and insightful.  They show the honest, the moody and the playful sides of a burgeoning talent that was about to assault our senses and sexual sensibilities through his highly charged music while changing the definition of a pop star.

The pictures were taken during three separate photo shoots that Whitman had with Prince during 1977.  Whitman photographed PRINCE in his Minneapolis studio, Owen Husney’s Linden Hills Boulevard home and on the streets of downtown Minneapolis, including in front of the mural of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, painted on the side of the Shmitt’s Music Store.  Only 15 copies of the press kit were ever produced and otherwise, the photographs from these sessions have rarely been seen.

prince triptych