1. How long have you guys been here?
Sam, the owner of the gallery, opened a poster shop off Melrose Blvd. in 1998. As his business grew, Sam moved his shop to Sunset Blvd in 2004.

2. Do you charge an admission fee?
No, should we?

3. Who takes all these pictures?
We represent over 60 artists and photographers. All the prints hanging on the gallery walls are taken by various artists and photographers.

4. Are you open on Sundays?
No, we need a day of rest. But we’re here Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 6 pm to satisfy your art needs.

5. Do you have parking?
Unfortunately, no. There is metered parking along Sunset and Gardner. But beware, from 4 to 6 pm Sunset Blvd becomes a nasty tow-away zone.

6. Does that photograph come in any other sizes?
Mostly likely, yes. Most of our artists and photographers offer prints in various sizes, editions, and print types. Every once and while, we’ll have a photograph or art piece that is one of a kind, but we’ll let you know.

7. Who signs all these photographs?
The signature on the prints are by the artist or photographer of the print or original art piece. Almost all of the prints we sell are limited edition fine art prints, signed and numbered by the artist or photographer.

8. Do you sell only sell music related photographs?
No. Many of our artists and photographers have photographed or painted celebrities, sports legends, and icons. We even have a couple fashion photographers in our archive.

9. Do you buy art?
Sometimes. If you think you have something we’d be interested in seeing, please email x@mrmusichead.com, with images of the piece you’d like to sell. We may also offer a consignment agreement and split the retail price 50/50.

10. How do I get my work sold in your gallery?
If you think your work belongs in our gallery, please email your portfolio or links to your work to info@mrmusichead.com. We only accept submissions via email. For more information, please read our Artist Submission page.

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