This month’s featured artist is Hayato Takano, known for creating the mesmerizing music note collages from the songbooks of legendary musicians. He has created stunning portraits of Bob Marley, Kurt Cobain, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Prince, David Bowie, and Jim Morrison.

We asked him some questions about what inspires him and how he decides which musicians to create portraits of. Read more below:

1. What first inspired you to do such unique collages of musicians with their actual music?
I was always interested in visual art and music. Thought of combining those two together.
2. How do you decide what musicians to do?
Whoever inspires me. For instance, for my Bowie piece, David Bowie’s creative output inspires me. Always hungry for different form of modern art.
3. As a musician yourself (in the band Radioblack), does your art influence your music or vice versa?
There inspire each other both are two different forms of art.
4. If you could meet any musician (alive or in the afterlife), who would you choose and why? 
Of the artist that I have made pic of I would like to meet Brandon Boyd for his creative vision. Of the artist that I haven’t made yet, I would say Mr. Tak Matsumoto, Japanese guitarist, I have looked up to him since I was in elementary school.
5. What else inspires you? Other types of art or anything else?
I just love creating things that I like.