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This month’s featured artist is photographer Jack Robinson. To coincide with his photography exhibition, Jack Robinson: From Memphis to LA, on display this month at Mr Musichead Gallery, we’re sharing his portraits of musicians and celebrities he photographed during the 1960 and 70s.

In 1955, Jack moved to New York City to pursue a career in photography. He quickly proved his talent as a freelance fashion photographer and caught the eye of Carrie Donovan, then a fashion editor at the New York Times. Carrie began giving Jack regular assignments for the New York Times Sunday Magazine, which helped drive his freelance work for other notable agencies and clients, including Elizabeth Arden, Revlon, and Helena Rubenstein. After only four years in New York, Jack reached something of a pinnacle for photographers: the cover of Life magazine.

In 1965, Diana Vreeland brought Carrie Donovan over to Vogue, and at Carrie’s request, Jack soon followed. Thousands of Jack’s images appeared in the pages of Vogue, more than 500 of which were credited. Jack’s prolific output and his skill at portraiture made him a perfect fit for ‘People Are Talking About’. Over a four year period from 1967 through Vreeland’s exit from Vogue in 1971, Jack completed hundreds of portrait assignments, some subjects more well-known than others, but mostly subjects that were just becoming known on the scene. Leonard Cohen in 1967, Joni Mitchell in 1968, Crosby Stills Nash and Young just after Woodstock, Elton John in 1970, Clint Eastwood in 1969, Jack Nicholson in 1970, The Who and The Kinks at the times of their first big U.S. tours – the list goes on. There was also feature portrait work during this time, Warren Beatty, Lauren Bacall, Gloria Vanderbilt, again, the list goes on.

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