Project Description

Jack Morefield was born on an army base in Alabama.  He moved with his family throughout Europe, until his father transitioned from the army into the auto industry, settling in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Jack was always better at expressing himself visually than verbally. A self proclaimed misfit, he embraced a creative lifestyle.   Luckily, his family encouraged his artistic endeavors, allowing him to fully develop as an artist.As high school graduation approached, his family prepared to move to Brazil.  Jack decided to stay behind in the States to, in his own words, “raise hell.”  It wasn’t until the 90’s that Jack considered himself to be an artist, when he started doing commissioned work and various portraits in graphite for friends and clients.

Jack’s work has been shown in several different galleries throughout Florida and Massachusetts.  He currently lives in Massachusetts, with his wife and two children, whom he claims are the real artists in the family.