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Pink Sun by Pearl Thompson

Paul Stephen Thompson, known for most of his professional career as Porl Thompson, is an English musician best known for his work with The Cure. Pearl (Porl) Thompson was part of the original lineup of The Cure, which also included Robert Smith, Michael Dempsey, and Lol Tolhurst when the band was first formed in 1976.  Thompson left the Cure in 1994 to play with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin during the Page and Plant tour of 1995. Mr. Thompson’s new work is vastly different from
the older artwork featured on some of The Cure’s most famous album covers.  His artwork today is oil and acrylic on canvas with intentional brushstrokes and colorful slashes of light.

“As an animist I love the idea that all organic things dream and meditate throughout their time on earth… they move in a different time ratio too slow for us to perceive.” –Pearl Thompson

There is a deep mystery around “who is Pearl Thompson” as he remains private and alluring to his fans. He is a gentle soul, pure artist, enormously talented yet humble to the core as he lives in the ethers of his creative process in both his music and paint on canvas endeavors. Pearl Thompson’s art was noticed when photographer Lisa S. Johnson captured his image with his guitar in her tabletop book 108 Rock Star Guitars and then introduced him to gallery owner Sam Milgrom.

w_Bright_Flowers copy

Bright Flowers by Pearl Thompson


w_Dream Colored World copy

Dream Coloured World by Pearl Thompson