Project Description

Steven Dewall has more than 15 years of experience in professional editorial and commercial photography. His diverse portfolio covers music, fashion, lifestyle and art. His style is intimate and honest and he is especially adept at environmental portraiture.

He has produced portraits of a wide variety of well known artists, authors and entertainers, but has an unusually strong rapport with musicians. Steven is deeply passionate

and knowledgeable about music and this expertise helps him develop concepts that capture the essence of the artists he photographs. His appreciation for music is clearly revealed in his work.

Steven’s success lies with his ability to connect with people. By making subjects comfortable and at ease, and placing them in settings that feel natural, he turns a photo shoot into a collaborative experience that encourages them to express themselves. This allows him to present their personalities in revealing and sometimes unexpected ways, and in turn, build a connection with those viewing his work.

Prior to launching his freelance business, Steven was the original Director of Photography at Filter , where he was part of a small team that set the artistic direction of the magazine. He also served as Director of Photography at Mean Magazine and was the staff photographer for New Times Los Angeles .

Steven’s work has appeared in Entertainment Weekly , Filter , Harp , Magnet , Mean Magazine , New Times , Rolling Stone , San Francisco Weekly , Seattle Magazine , Seattle Weekly, Spin, The Stranger , Time and The Village Voice , among other publications. He produced the cover shot for Joe Ambrose’s book, Gimme Danger: The Story of Iggy Pop , as well as the photo of the Dalai Lama used for the book cover of Emotional Awareness .

Originally from Chicago, Steven launched his career in Los Angeles where he now resides. He is currently available for assignments worldwide.

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