Spawned as part of a natural progression on my music biz journey which began in my hometown of Detroit.  Starting as record collector at age 4.  Guitarist at age 6.  Rock band member at 14.  Record store clerk, manager and then record store owner age 26.  Fanzine publisher, concert producer and nightclub owner age 36. Then it was time for warmer clime which prompted a move to LA.  Opened rock art gallery at 46 and like everything else before – it seemed like the right thing to do.

I’ve always believed that, although music can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, it brings joy to most.  I’ve always chosen fun names for my music related business endeavors, the band: Davison West (named after the country’s first urban freeway, in the motor city of course)  The record store: Sam’s Jams.  The fanzine: Black & White & Read all over.  The nightclub: The Magic Bag (named after felix the cat’s magic bag of tricks).  So, when it came to naming the gallery, I remembered how some people had referred to me as a musichead because of my knowledge of music fun facts.  When you collect records and work at record stores your whole life, you absorb a lot of information!  So, Mr Musichead was born in 1998.