Miles Davis, On the Road, 1973 by Norman Seeff


Miles Davis, On the Road, 1973 by Norman Seeff

"I met up with Miles on the road, somewhere in middle America. He had just finished a gig and seemed to be in some pain. The location was the manager’s office at the club. It was indicative of life on the road, not always luxurious or romantic. Miles, for me, was a towering creative innovator and I felt fortunate to have this opportunity to photograph him. He was simply a beautiful man physically and that visually counterpointed the singular lack of aesthetics of the working environment." - Norman Seeff

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Regular white matboard - Regular foam backing board - Regular plexiglass - Black wood frame

Upgraded Archival

Acid free backing board - UV protection plexiglass - Black wood frame

Museum Grade

Acid free backing board - 8-ply 100% Cotton rag matboard - Museum grade non-reflective plexiglass - Black stained ash hardwood frame