Nico, Marble Index by Guy Webster


Portrait of Nico, used as the cover for her second solo album "Marble Index" released in November, 1968.

"It was for her solo album The Marble Index. She didn't have much time for that shoot — maybe two or three hours. First thing I did was darken her hair, and then I set up the lighting. I noticed her amphetamine lips, and I knew I had to get that into the picture. She had been a model. I asked her not to model but just look right at the camera. I did it on a black background with a light behind her head so that I could bring her forward. It was Andy Warhol's favorite picture. He had a copy in his studio." -- Guy Webster.


16" x 20" edition of 50

20"x 24" edition of 30

30" x 40" edition of 30